Thursday, March 15, 2012

Home of the free because of the Brave.

Our brave solider made it home safely and we had many reasons to celebrate and give thanks. Josh's brother, Jeremy, arrived back on American soil after a year long tour in Afghanistan. The family met him at the gate and smothered him with hugs and kisses! He wasn't aware that we were not the only ones who came to salute him for his bravery. As he decended on the escalator at least 50 other friends from church and school were waiting for him - flags waiving, banners raised high, and a well deserved applause. It still puts a lump in my throat thinking about that moment of honor. The little children watching this "big boy" return home from war is such a great example. The support from the church family who have faithfully remembered Jeremy is their prayers came to celebrate. Who are the people who will be for you no matter what? These people. My husband's family is full of brave soldiers. God has safely returned us 3 siblings from 6 different tours in the last few years. What an incredible blessing! My mother and father in law deserve some recognition as well. They endured many sleepless nights, lonely holidays, and exhausting anxiety over these years of war. Yet, their trust in God and their faith in the power of prayer carried them through. All Praise be to God, our ultimate Hero. He protects. He provides. He answers. He never fails.