Monday, December 5, 2011

Dawsyn - a little Christmas Cutie

Well those darn teeth sure gave us a good fight for the smiles! Poor baby girl was not feeling too hot due to the teeth - hints the sucking on her lips! haha However, I think these came out beautiful!! She is such a little doll and she was dressed so adorable - smiles or no smiles - she is cute! Maybe by her 1 year pictures, she'll be showing off those hard earned teeth!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

My best friend is getting married!!

My best friend, Adriane, and I decided we would go out with Josh and Craig to get Christmas pictures taken of each other just like we did last year. Well Craig had a little plan of his own. He approached me about a month ago and told me that he wanted to propose in the middle of our Christmas picture session and let me capture it all on camera! What a genius idea!! How was I going to keep this huge secret from my best friend for weeks!? I avoided her like the plague! I was so excited and nervous - even having dreams about the proposal! We walked around downtown just having a fun, usual time. Craig and I had planned out the spot and even the "code word". As they walked to the 'spot' for a 'picture' he got down on one knee! Her reaction was everything I hoped it would be! She was so surprised and beyond thrilled! Everything worked out so beautifully - the ring, the weather, the emotions, the pictures... everything was just perfect! These are some of my favorite pictures ever! Ever girl wants pictures of the proposal, but how many actually get the REAL thing? This was no reenactment. They can treasure these pictures and this moment forever. What a gift to give my best friend. But it was a blessing for me to get to share that happy day with her. I'm still on cloud 9 just thinking about yesterday. Way to go Craig! You never fail to make my girl happy. I love you both!